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    We came across Kookaburra Worms entirely by chance - how grateful we are. We used the WormGro product on some of our commercial lucerne hay crops on a 16 acre black clay soil plot. The outcome of that was that prior to application it needed 4 waters and produced an average of 25 bales/acre with nil synthetic fertilisers. After application of 20L/ha WormGro, we needed only 2 waters and got an increase in yield up to 30 bales/acre.

    You’ll produce more fruit and vegetables.

    WormGro is a growth-promoting worm-cast liquid extract that produces 10% to 25% more fruit and veggies.

    No need for harmful pesticides and chemical fertilisers.

    WormGro builds up biological resistance in plants against pests and disease - so you don’t need to use chemicals that will kill the beneficial microbes in soil, destroying natural fertility.

    Produce is more nutritious

    Fruit and veggies are more nutritious with up to 80 chelated minerals.

    Less watering is required.

    WormGro improves soil structure so your plants can hold more water. Studies have shown the use of worm-related products can reduce the amount of water used by up to 50%.

    Stronger stress-resistant produce.

    WormGro frees bound phosphorus to make it bio-available to plants. That means plants and crops with bigger root systems, and are more resilient to stress.

    Protection from disease.

    WormGro has over one million species of microbes. These microbes are key to helping strengthen the plant’s immune system and fight disease.

    Control Weeds

    WormGro has specific weed colonising microbes that allow for
    resistance against weeds in your garden. See our crop trial for the
    difference WormGro made on growing capsicum.

    WormGro in action - Capsicum crop trial (Feburary 2021 to June 2021)

    Total Yield Soil Carbon CEC Leaf Brix Fruit Brix
    12,349 kg/ha 1.0 percent 5.8 8.4 8.1
    15,675kg/ha 1.1 percent 9.8 9.8 9.0
    Difference 27%


    Vermijuice is not easy to find. I searched far and wide. Then I remembered Kookaburra Worm Farm. A local, and well known for his fishing worms. I rang and asked about the worm pee, or vermi juice. George was happy to sell me a few litres. I wanted to move away from the chemical fertilisers. After all, you are what you eat, and worms are all natural, as is the stuff they eat.

    The first lot I tried on my Black Russian Tomatoes. I had tried to grow them the previous year, but they didn’t do well, and weren’t exactly fruitful. So, I tried again, this time with Kookaburra Farms Worm Gro. Wow, what a difference. Using the Worm Gro as a fertigation method, with only water, no other additives, the Tomato plants fairly jumped out from the ground. Excellent flowering, and some of the biggest Tomatoes I had ever grown.

    Next I tried it on some of my ornamental plants. Green shoots all round, healthy root systems, and great flowers. I didn’t need to use a lot. Just a splash in the watering can. Probably 30-50ml per can.

    I love my natural plant tonic from Kookaburra Worm Farm, and I’m so glad it will be on sale to everyone. Just a little goes a long way.

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