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    Don’t Compromise On Quality Compost Worms.

    Latest Reviews

    I had worms and eggs shipped to South East Queensland. No dramas at all, heaps of worms and in a short time eggs were hatching and my worm farm up and going and chocka block full of worms. Great service. Thank you.

    I have bought many parcels of worms from Kookaburra farm with great success, needing more now.

    I've just put in my third order from Kookaburra and have no doubt that the service, communication and the worms will be sensational.  Apologies for frying my first shipment. The fault was mine :(  My second shipment of worms flourished though but then I moved and I'm now living in an apartment. Fingers crossed that third time's a charm!

    I bought a Little Rotter a couple of months ago, with 1000 worms and a worm bomb. Wow! Revolutionary. I blend my kitchen scraps and  feed the worms a cup once a week. The rest I bury cup by cup around the garden. My veggies are doing so well. I’ll be getting more worms and another Little Rotter for the other part of the garden.

    I only use worm castings and liquid on my lawns and plants and it makes a huge positive difference. Also knowing that I'm not loading my garden with chemicals that I might be unaware of is good to know.

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